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BYT Interview: The Vanilla Party’s ROGIZOID SHATTERZ (NSFW)

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Defenz Mechanizm
Durga Usagi
Rogizoid Shatterz
Defacto Obsolete
Ella Bedell

Apocalyptic Intercessor:
Shelly Scarlet

Headlining Performance and Theme Curator:
Defenz Mechanizm

Porphyria Underjoyed
Henry William Oelkers – as the Mad Doctor
Amaris Aternia – as Defenz’z Assistant

Defenz Hair Assistant : Morgan Mann

Make Up Artistry for Roaming Models:
Durga Usagi

Roaming Models:
Tifa Reed Hilton
Kali Kohl
Laly Santos
Lulu Padilla

Performance, Aesthetics Interpretations and Co-Curator:
Defacto Obsolete

Performance and Co-Curator:
Rogizoid Shatterz

And Her Coven of Gothic Lolita Wig Models:
Brittani Bennett
Alexandra Rose

Conchita Blaq
Kris Khaos

Go-Go Dancers:
Nikki Delmonica
Chloe Madison
Toni-Michelle Destifano
Monica Marcela Rincón

Patron Body Painter:
Vann Godfrey


Projectors and Video Edit:
Kevin Estwick
Colin Cannibal

Event Manager:
Lalitha Muthsamy

Business manager:
Mario Barnes

General Management:
Janise Germ
Asst: Crist Cro

Gothic Renaissance
Gothic Lolita Wigs
Vincient Castiglia

Stevie Glass (Power Glove-Knife Party)
Carlos Gammara
Warren Bradford
Yassir Ketchum
Taylor Flash
Mark Williams

Special Thanks to:
Kristen Lush
Natalie Alexa
Uncle Max
Dil Pyro