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The Vanilla Party I – Commentary

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A VERY SPECIAL Thank You to the following cast and crew for making the first Vanilla Party such a huge success….

–The Vanilla Party Cast—

Exec Producer: Mario Barnes

Party/Talent Co-ordinator: Sax DMA

Designer/Performance: Defenz Mechanizm

Dominatrix: Lady Wednesday

TVP Dancers: Rogizoid Shatters
Machine Sex

TVP Models: Porphryria
Stephanie Castillo
Cait Venture
Shelly Scarlet
Karla Choko

DJ’s: Proper Villains Ft. Frances Eugenia
Sub Set
Inna K

Body Painter: Vann Godfrey

Masquerade Mask Maker: Stephan Keating

Betito Cupcakes

MUA Asst: Ariane Fuentes

Hair Asst: Season Shider, Morgan Mann

***********VIDEOGRAPHY BY: STEVE GLASS*************